Mar 19, 2021 Business

Best Pizza Delivery

Top Pizza places

1. Valentini’s Pizza
2. Pizza Hut
3. Roundtable pizza
4. Domino’s Pizza
5. Fratelli’s Pizza
6. LIttle Caesar
7. Papa Johns

Best Deals

1. Pizza Hut
2. Domino’s
3. Little Caesar
4 Papa Johns

Valentini’s Pizza

My personal favorite, best tasting pizza, fast delivery, online web order available, not too greasy and not all that expensive.

Pizza Hut

Very good tasting pizza’s and I feel the best deals out there and fast delivery, web order available, but very very greasy and salty.


Great pizza but much more expensive compared to the other options, fast delivery but no online web order, not too greasy.

Domino’s Pizza

Deals almost as good as Pizza hut and there pizza is pretty good, online web order, I’m especially partial to their white sauce. cara cek ongkos kirim

Fratelli’s Pizza

A litttle better than places like Pizza Hut and dominos but more expensive too, not as greasy either, not sure about web order.

Little Caesar

Can have cheaper deals than Pizza hut but not as good, also these guys are sometimes slow in my area and no online web ordering.

Papa Johns

Good deals and decent pizza love the cheese sticks even if I don’t personally enjoy their pizza all that much, web order available, small pizzas pretty greasy.